Why I am here – last resort.

About 2 and 1/2 years ago, I considered getting a “myspace” account. I was exactly the right age, otherwise I would have waited. My friend let me browse her page to get a feel for it. In the upper right corner of the profile page was a link: View all blog entries. That is what caught my eye and finalized my signing up for a myspace. I had found out about blogging from an older friend of mine, who has one. It was the best invention in the world to me. A place, where you can speak on your thoughts – without speaking! Where other people can visit, and give their perspective. An ultimate meeting of the minds and of knowledge. But there was a big point I was missing in terms of myspace.

The main thing was: TEENS DON’T BLOG. And if they do, they blog primarily of the following:
-Drama;”Degrassi” type situations
-Depressing poetry
-Survey’s from Bzoink.com

It was annoying, but after I set up my page I got to blogging. It was a disaster. If I wanted traffic to my blog, I’d have to post a million bulletins. No one would comment and give their view on what I wrote. I was talking to myself. Until one fateful day where I blogged about a racial issue, and got threatened. I packed up and closed shop. Myspace deleted.

I tried blogger, but blogger just wasn’t the thing for me. I didn’t know how to operate it and the tags – it was just difficult. I don’t even remember if they had tags, but I couldn’t find anyone.

I got another myspace, and tried a different blogging strategy. Still nothing. One classmate of mine even told me he hates to read, and just wasn’t interested. Maybe I’m too boring and beyond my years. However I do post lightheartedly, just in detail. Myspace blogs have limited post options: No bullet points, no spell check, so I must rely on Mozilla spellchecker. I just want people to hear me. That’s it.

As time progresses, I will transfer blog posts from my myspace blog, and some from the one I saved in the old account.* WordPress looks great, and the post has a mircosoft word-like interface. The tags will spread  the word for me. And the blog decorations are beautiful. I hope this will prove to be a change in my quest for a comfortable blogging home. =)

*I will not be doing this, as I have moved my focus to alternative education.**

**I am back to general blogging. My blogging about education has moved to democraticeducation.org, although much of my early posts about education are still on this site.


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