The Importance of Photographs

To be frank, I do not remember my early childhood. I can recal a few things here and there, but otherwise, I can barely even remember what I looked like when I was seven. Of all the things I can bring up: taking baths, my early private schooling, a tricycle, a block party, my Grandma’s house, some cousins. I spent time with my Grandmother recently, and I got caught up in all the pictures she had of my relatives. I saw pictures of my mother, my mother AND father before they separated, and one of me and my Grandpa, who passed late last year. I saw pictures of cousins, and laughed at the 90’s fashion a bit…noticing the fact that some it was so “dope”, that people are dressing like that today. But it got me to notice how times have changed for my family sense then. Many of the baby boomer relatives are dying off (hate to put it that way) and I remember that they were the ones primarily into photos togetherness and such. My mom’s generation (born in the 60’s through the early 70’s) will soon have their time to lead the family. But they are so distanced that I fear that no one will even recognize one another within the next 10 years. I must have sifted through over 300 photos +. And with each one I noticed that times have declined. Less family reunions and get togethers. Less smiles. Less communication. The baby boomers were our strength, yes, but why fade away from each other as they simultaneously fade out of our lives? Is there any remedy for this occurance?


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  1. Are you willing to live differently? if so, find others in your family and society who are as willing as you are. You cannot reverse the trend if you cannot stick to it yourself.
    It is weird you have the same problems we have in Egypt. Seems to be a worldwide social crisis.

  2. Yes I am. Well then, time to break out the camera at the next family event! Others in my family…hmm only the immediate ones are within reach, so I’ll have to go with the others in society thing. Thanks. =) You live in Egypt? Wow. =)

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