Where You Meet Your Life Partner

Have no fear people, it’s as easy as pushing a button – literally! I always freak out about this, because although I barely graduated high school, I desire lifelong and stable, supportive commitment, and would like to settle down as soon as possible. Suddenly while online I thought of the question: how do people meet what turns out to be their life long partners?

Ok: 3  (occurred a lot) 2 (quite a bit) 1 (not really)

What I found:
At work 3
-He/She was my boss 3
-At the mall stores 3
-we worked at a jail together (that wouldn’t be me though!) 2
A friend of a friend 3
At a club; bar 3 – but 3 on the reoccurring note that these ended in failure
At a dance or party 3 – Somehow worked.
College 3
-we had class together 2
-same field 2
-same dorm house 3
-random on campus 3
Online 3
-chat 3
-yahoo 3
-dating service 3
Blind Dates 2
High school 1
The Army 3
Random 3
-My Teacher/Professor
-Mexican restaurant (waiter)
-Illegal alien
-water park
-Football game
-Really random: i was down at wal-mart, it was about 11 at night. this wal-mart closed at 10.(small town) and me and some of my friends were down there playing uno, we had just gotten off work. and he was a cop in town and came down there to see what we were doing. he was a friend of my sisters kinda. but we had to keep it a secret till i turned 18. and were getting married in march.
-At the park
-Son’s little league game. The coach also had a son on the team. Lol
-gas station
-Dunkin’ Donuts hahaha
-The subway

It’s all around! I feel so relieved oddly enough. It’s great to know that it is not magic or some fairytale, because fairytale hopes always let you down. It’s everyday life. I don’t have to look and wonder…cause we all know that under the radar, we do hope to find someone. And it’s proof that good union is found when you least expect it, and is always right under your nose.


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  1. I don’t know how you compiled this list, but it does make one think. They always say “You’ll never find it until you stop looking.” “It’s always where you least expect it.” and (my personal favorite) “It was always there, right under your nose.” 😀 I just realized that I repeated some of the words you’ve written above. Oops.
    Anyway. Good post. It’s always good to reinforce the idea of patience.

  2. Correct. =)
    Thank you.

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