It rains. After all of the scorching heat for about the past year, it fully rains. It’s so beautiful and amazing. Although I wish it was a bit more cloudy, because I like the color Grey.

I like the way the cars sound as they run over the watery roads.

I like they way the [invisible] aircraft sound as they fly through the dense clouds.
(I’d never want to be a passenger in such circumstances)

I like when rain is heavy.

Pianos sound better with a background of rain.

I like thunder, and lighting so long as it is not a threat to life.

I like turning on house light when it rains, because it’s glow is warmed by the Grey.

I like the blankets, and they feel softer. And we turn on the heater.

I love its sound, especially as it hits the windows.

I long for the rain and the way it feels.

The lovely coats we must use, and the umbrellas we hold.

Rain reminds me of very cloudy days and fog, and mist and all of the tasteful Grey things in this world.

It’s an expression of wonderful nature in such a cold, technological, urban world, where the grime of cities prevail.

And sometimes there is a rainbow.

And the day after a rain, the sky is a clear, rich blue. The air is crisp, and I can see the southern Californian mountains in the distance. And I can breathe, and love life and enjoy being alive.

And sadly, the rain has ceased, and the sunlight is breaking through – one of my biggest pet peeves. It is as if, in my life, when something good occurs, if I dare to notice – it fades into oblivion.


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