Bonjour my invisible audience.

I guess that, everyday, I can try and say something. I don’t think it will always be important, but I really want a blog for some reason…and you must say something. Maybe eventually I can find a muse.

Anyhow, I had my first crack at my road test. I turned right on a red light – they asked me to return to the dmv office to disqualify me. That really hurt. The right on red signs are really tricky. But I drilled over a tip and I FORGOT at the last moment. Or rather, I disregarded it.

You see, where I live, these signs are rather small, and they aren’t often posted at the tops of the light posts.  BUT, I notice that they are always posted at an intersecttion where the street you want to turn on is angled in a way where you can never see the cars no matter how you pull up.

And yes, I teared up when I got home. My dad said there’s no point in that, but hey, I felt so nervous, paid so much money to get through training, and even got a full eight hours of rest just to fail? I was devastated. So I could care less that he wants me to suck it up. I’m supposed to go again in 14 days, but I figure that I’ll wait until christmas break.

Things like this somehow make me angry about growing up.

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