A Dream

The city’s clock chimes midnight, as the girl walks through the streets. The snowfall brings a killer chill though her body. She walks past shady characters, their faces hidden underneath cloaks. Where is this place, she wonders, and that’s when she finds the building. She hurries up to the steps of the apartment complex with a relieved smile. She stops at a door with the number fifteen on it. She enters, and there are many people inside – watching a film on a small television. They simultaneously look back at her, and she stands there looking, hands dug deep within her winter coat. “What?” She asked.

Someone stepped through the crowd. It was a police officer, and he welcomed her as an attempt to lighten the mood. “Hey don’t just stand there – come in, you’re just in time!” In time for what? She thought. He sat her down with the others, and the film resumed. It was really strange, a repetition of a clip featuring a woman angrily leaving a man, and the two of them arguing. The television suddenly went to standby. “Ok everyone, time to head out people!” The officer said. She asked someone what was going on. “Fifteen minute intermission,” a woman whispered. That woman, her son and all those other strange people looked delighted as they lined up outside of the door. A strange creaking sound crept up in the distance behind them. “It’s here!” one man said.

Everyone turned and looked as a tiny mechanical frog with wheels drove to the front of the line. “Yep, that’s him,” the officer began, “he visits with every intermission.” The security guard looked down at it with great pride. The girl looked at him as he continued to talk about nonsense. You are all crazy. Soon a whistle sounded, and as they huddled back in side, the frog – turned into marbles, and spilled into the room. It startled her, but she soon realized that it was part of the routine. She grew bitter at these people’s foolishness, but it was either stay there, or be left in the streets again, for anyone to take her away. And so every 15 minutes, they left apartment 15, and waited fifteen minutes for the frog to turn into 27 marbles. It never made sense, but eventually they’d stop. Else she’d have to leave on the search for safety again…


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