Ordinal Linguistic Personification

Its a condition (not disorder) in which a person tends to associate genders or personalities to numbers, letters, and/or words. Some say it is a “variant of synesthesia”; a topic I made a post about earlier on.* That excites me, because synesthesia is the ultimate human condition that allows one to perceive the world freely and beautifully. Anyway, I have OLP. Although it’s not as creative and artistic as other forms of synesthesia – it’s fun. When i was much younger, I thought that I just had quite the imagination for me to feel so strongly about the genders, personalities and stories. Numbers, above all other things, have personalities. In certain cases they have consistent color. I’ll share them with you.

One. He is white, and introverted. He is almost always silent, and detaches himself from the other numbers. But the thing is that, he’s a very caring person – he just doesn’t admit it.

Two. She is golden in color, and very mature. She is not quite a woman, but she knows how to nurture, and take take of the other numbers like a mother. She takes very special care of 3, a purple child.

Three is chubby, purple, and bubbly. She is always laughing.

Four is a rusty brown, and male. he has the quiet nature of one, but not as lonely in feeling. He is rather generous and takes a liking towards eight and nine, who are sisters.

And it continues on this way. I realize the patterns. linear numbers are male. Rounded ones are female. But as the numbers get larger, it gets confusing. 12, white and gold is still a girl, but has the humor of a boy and smiles. 34 is a woman purple and brown. But has very little of the fun of 3, and that confuses me.

The letters. A. It’s female because there are many ways of writing her where she is curved. She’s a lot like 2, just taller and tends to B and C. Another. R is surprisingly male despite the curvature. He is the father of S. S is in love with T, but R does not like their union. M is N’s older sister, and she is always teaching him how to take care of O and P. I, although linear like one, is a goofy boy…when lower cased. Capitalized he is a dutiful man – father like.

It’s bizarre I suppose. In many accounts, I heard that it helps people with their math. I wish I could have been like them. It always worsened mine. Took me a while to learn times tables just because of the intricate details of what occurred between all of those numbers.

*That post has been deleted.


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