How I spend my “free time”.

While conventional schooling has brought me to have a strong distaste for acquiring knowledge, my observation of my free time says differently.

I read (novels, blogs, articles) -> fantasy fiction, psychology, religion/spirituality (although I am currently agnostic) etc.

I watch documentaries ->science channel, the-n (I am still a teen), and noggin (seeing what small children learn helps wake up things I don’t use anymore) -> family guy/robot chicken (I like to laugh)

I study astrology

I paint

I practice guitar

I skateboard or ride my bike

I listen to music and share/discover music with others to increase my library

I write -> short stories, some poems (not a poetry fan, ick), theories, summaries of something I learned, personal journals, blogs (sparingly at the moment)

And I come out of all this well read and able to have a nice conversation in the long run. All without the help of a “school”. I was even at a point where I was studying basic math to improve my awareness of how it works. Basic geometry, fractions, metal math, money, etc. I hate higher level abstract math.

I soon came to realize that if I had been in an independent study program, unschooling, or democratic education of some sort, I would have more vasts amounts of intelligence.

But I simply wasn’t put into this environment. So that’s just too bad. It’s very bad in fact. And so I, like many others against the ignorance, tyranny, and counterproductive results of traditional/conventional schools – I will give light towards the numerous ways that this type of schooling poisons the mind.

In the days of Olde

Trad. School in days of olde

Things haven’t changed much.

But they should, and I just feel a strong inclination to explain my personal reason as to why this is so dire.


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