Predetermined Learning Material

Taking notes. Mindless reading. Shifting from class to class. Two hour blocks. No breaks other than lunch. Limited space. Getting arrested for escaping. Going to court for truancy. No talking out of the subject. Standardized testing. No art program. Only ranking matters.

I’m sitting here redoing my hair. Listening to music. Earlier I was listening to a lecture about transpersonal psychology. Then I read material on coily hair texture. I’m considering if I should continue to be interested in French and Acoustic Guitar/ musical understanding & theory.

I really realize that not everyone cares about education as much as I do.

Error number one of traditional/conventional education: Required Learning Material.

Having set subjects and material to learn at set times is counterproductive (one of my favorite words). 1. The students are at different learning levels. Everyone learns differently and each have their own talents and knacks at things. Some children may not be in the reading stage until 7 years old, perhaps later. While I personally had a passion for reading at the ages of 3 and 4. Then you have your math whizzes and science folk, but there are others that want to color and doodle all day (that was moi).

It’s like the functions of daily living. Not everyone is hungry at the same time. Not everyone is drowsy simultaneously either. People just aren’t the same. So to lump them up in groups and grades and subjects at the same time is frustrating.

2. Students get bored. Now, there are many definitions on this. The the best one in relation to this post, from states:

bored – uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence


Listening to instructors drone on about subjects students are not into will result in the following:

3. Acquire a strong distaste for learning.

4. They give up on school and resort to more unproductive activities.

5. In my case, they continue to do well, but lose purpose for the future.

Not giving students the chance to develop their own drive and skill causes them to lose sight of what is right for them and their futures.

Currently I am learning about electricity. despite the fact that i don’t want to be an electrician, electrical engineer, or anything related, the grade I receive in this class makes a difference in my future.
My principal lied to the entire school stating that colleges and universities will be looking at California Standardized Tests during admissions season. This demonstrates the lack of people wanting you to learn what’s best for you as an individual. It’s all about ranking. Another topic I will be discussing in this blog.

The solution to this problem – student directed learning.

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