New Studies.

Aura Colors: I find that I pass for blue & violet auras the strongest (violet is the most dominant). I have a touch of lavender, but seeing how I know a boy who matches with it perfectly, I know that that color’s not really me.

Palmistry: I was first intrigued by this when I was 13 years old. I learned today after purchasing a book that it has no real relation to tarots and fortune reader girls. It’s a fascinating study.

“The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Emapthetic Children” by Catherine Crawford – I was very happy to have found this. One more piece of evidence to make me feel less alone in my temperament.

Soul Ages: I have found that above all else, I carry the characteristics of a Mature Soul (Michael Teachings). I would like to see what I can do to become an Old soul

Chakras & Hinduism: Something else I can’t explain, but I am attracted to such studies and practices.

Of course there’s still Natal Astrology & Carl Jung personality psychology.

Spiritual Emergence/Awakening

All in all, I’ve completely concluded that I’m not going to be a typical member of society. I live in this dreamy abstract world of theories and concepts and I’m just everywhere and nowhere. I went to Barnes & Noble today and I grabbed so many books in the “New Age” (there’s nothing “new” about it) section, that I got a headache. It was so much information and I was just floating, in this realm of possibilities and ideas.

Upon leaving I was once again angered by the fact that there are no bookstores like Barnes & Noble in predominantly “minority” areas, like my town. It’s ridiculous.

Well anyway, I’m feeling odd and misunderstood¬† with more of this information that I’m getting. It makes me know others are like me, but highlights the fact that there is no one like me around here. Alone & romanceless, I sit; fickle & restless, I wait. Hungry and dire. Erratic and eclectic. Fog. The simplest way to describe it.

Heh heh, oh yeah, in relation to the “Alright” post, I’m licensed now. Passed on a cold heavily rainy day, of all days.

I’m just trying to figure out who or what I am. I don’t understand – maybe I should stop trying to. I feel like I’ve been here before and learning everything all over again is annoying.


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