More proof…

…that 15 years of grueling conventional K-12 education is useless.

From Morehead State University:


What is the purpose of general education as part of the undergraduate experience?

  • To prepare someone to be an educated citizen, capable of participating in a democratic society
  • To prepare person to be equipped to be a life-time learner
  • Educated person
  • Need to differentiate higher education personnel from other education personnel (high schools)
  • Being capable to taking leadership roles in society
  • Ensuring students be broadly rather than narrowly educated.
    • Guiding students to take courses that they may not otherwise take or think of taking
  • Undergraduate experience vs. General Education.  Suggest commonality
  • Balance general vs. particular.  How to include practical skill level/involvement so that students are actively doing something rather than just discussing
  • To engage student in what it means to be human and how we relate to the world around us.  Rationale thinking, compassion – measurable outcome
  • To create opportunity for self exploration and self-discovery in purely practical ways
  • Prepare individual to be employable and to be successful in college
    • Opportunities for self
    • Work ethic
    • Sense of responsibility
  • More exposure to all subjects to have broad base in order to make more informed decisions in career choices
  • Learn to differentiate in career/technical learning
  • Self directed problem-solving vs. force fed
  • General Education is NOT about generating credit hours for other departments
  • Courses designed for checkpoints, in order to determine success.
    • Use as gates/filters/checkpoints for other classes
  • Planting a seed – foundation that needs to be practiced as student progresses.

More conclusions.


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