I attend a very small high school. There’s a larger one next to us, because the space my school takes up is the remains of their old parking lot. Anyhow, we are located near their auditorium. On my way to school I noticed that all of the trees in the front of this auditorium have been cut down and a fence is in the process of being put up. It looked barren and more prison-like than usual this morning as I passed. I was honestly on the verge of tears. After school I passed and saw that trees on the side were taken down as well. I don’t understand. Why bring about such a numbing atmosphere? I don’t even really know how to explain what the motives are. Do people realize how lifeless many schools look?

Later today a friend of mine said that, “Everyone should come to school naked because it’s so hot out.” While being without clothes only makes you feel the heat worse, I’ve actually been desiring the naked thing. I started with hysterical laughter at my friends suggestion because a naked day would be a great day. And intense day, and I’m not talking about anything sexual. It would be a day where we shed our egos (after first getting extreme and hurtful bouts of mass judgment out of our systems) and realize that we are humans. I visualized what we’d all look like walking around naked and in our purest forms (minus the chemical “nutrients” churning inside our bodies). It was an amazingly comfortable situation. Nerve wrecking at first, but I wish there was a day like that. Or just a day when somebody bursts through the doors of one of my classes and asks, “What the hell are we all doing here? Can’t we just go home?!”


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