High School Years

*This is from my former Myspace blog, when I was like a sophomore.

I realize now (and yes, it’s perhaps too late), that high school is a critical time in one’s life if college bound. It requires perfect planning. You can’t just go to high school and expect to go to college. You have to go to the right high school, and you have to partake in the right classes, clubs, activities, community services, and possibly sports and community college classes. But, high school is noted as the best years of youth – for it is the end of free youth. Meaning, that once high school is over, although you will be young, you must be young and responsible. College. Working. Living on your own. More mature relationships. So, with the business aspect of high school, a sort of social life is desired. High school relationships. Friends. Your “circle” of pals. Dances. Trips. And then there exists social hierarchy in high school. Some high school students looking for more responsibility (or maybe their folks are just sick of paying for them in everything and taking them everywhere) look towards jobs and obtaining a driver’s license. They go job hunting, try to get a work permit, and take driver’s ed. Along with all of these things is a way to still keep up with your home life. Family. Chores. Family togetherness (with whatever is left of your intermediate family). This means coming home, doing homework. Taking care of siblings/other family members if you are not an only child. Possibly cooking dinner, or getting a good thirty mins. to an hour of exercise in. Taking time to eat, and not too late. Cleaning up. Setting up your clothes, lunch, alarm clock, and school bag for the next day. Showering. Getting to bed at as best a time as possible. Heck, we might as well be adults at that rate. But we can’t, unless you can get a permit with parent permission proving you are eligible. So now, how exactly do we achieve this? Keep in mind that parents and schools expect more. You may need to take rigorous course schedules. You also don’t want to be a loner, or so high in the social hierchy that people are out to spoil your name a reputation. You want time for your S.O. (significat other), but your permit deadline is coming up. You may be attending a club everyday. Community service is on weekends, but you need to work weekends. Most high school students do very different things from what I described above, including myself. Many kids focus on friends. Others don’t need to work because they are spoiled with money. Some kids are enrolled in extra-curricular programs aimed directly towards experience in what they want for college and careers. Some kids have such a hectic homelife that they can’t concentrate on school-related goals. Most of us choose if we have no definite plan. Not on purpose, but some choose to focus on their boy/girlfriend, and hanging out on weekends, some choose sports all four years because they think sports are fun or their ticket into college. The art kids choose art because that’s what they like. But what happens when things are chosen for you? You didn’t choose for your parents to split, and things get confusing as you divide time with each parent. You have your permit, but no one is available to help you prepare for your road test. You need a job to pay for clothes. You may be trying to join clubs to meet friends. Community service may be going slow and unofficially distributed or unrecorded. Or maybe, you are attending a high school you didn’t choose. It’s all about planning. The average child should start thinking about high school, and planning which one to go to at 7th grade. It’s like thinking about college, because high school is just as important. You need to say to your parents what you aspire to do so that you may choose the right high school. Don’t just look within your district, especially if you live in the inner-city. Check out the programs, visit the school, and upon enrollment ask questions and ask for help and assistance in balancing high school education. Speak to a counselor before going to the school, or ask to be assigned to one. If you are going to a high school that works with colleges, find out all the information you can. Colleges enroll much earlier than high schools, and have specific deadlines. The first three weeks of all four years are every important. Find ways to prepare for college once you’re in high school. This may sound lame, but forget about all the socializing until you are sure you can balance it in. Get into college prep clubs and programs, and make sure your electives are in something that will gear you towards your college education, not something for an easy “A”, or, just to fill in your schedule. Try to knock out required high school classes during the summer if your school works with a college. Keep up on deadlines. This way, you can fill up your fall/spring schedule with more electives, clubs, or college classes. Take an A.M., or 0 period class before school. That can eliminate mandatory classes as well. Pay attention to your classes or schedule, if you are any bit uncomfortable, take that into consideration and prepare to possibly, drop, transfer, or add classes. When it comes to high school, there is always one important thing to remember. NEVER GO BY HEAR-SAY. Don’t attend a high school just because some person said it was good. That was my mistake. Listen to people’s opinions, but always do your own research. I got caught up. From the opinion of a teacher that the school I attend now was excellent, I had been fooled. My mother dove into the hype and I was enrolled. The high school is very far from what I wanted. I mean really, really off. It is a small school of bungalow classrooms and activities and clubs are at minimum. School is not exciting, and we have no sports of our own to evoke school pride. Information on school events has a poor way of being circulated, and many people don’t know what’s going on. It’s like being trapped, in a box, or boxes rather. I didn’t do any research, because I had no experience in what to do for that. My first two years were swarmed with class changes. Now I fear that with two years left, I am wasting my high school and college dreams away.


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