Airwalk shoes are awesome.

getting more random and off topic before school starts up…in close to a week. ugh.

Anywho, back when I was in middle school, airwalk SUCKED. They had the most flimsy rubbery smelling shoes I’d ever seen. I had to avoid them at all costs (literally). I live in the innercity where appearances are everything, and some people (I was one of them) get severely taunted and beat up over shoes. I once made the mistake of buying $10.00 shoes from a warehouse. I really liked them, because I have sensitive feet and comfort is my game. However, when I went to school I got challenged.

“What type of shoes is those?” A girl asked.

“Um…I don’t think it matters what type of shoes I’m wearing.”

“Oh you tryna be smart?!”

“No, I’m being honest.”

“Okay den Ms. honest. You betta watch yo back aftaschoo!”

For a few days after that she and some other girls attempted to follow me home. My mom was scared into tears that “her baby would get jumped” (it wasn’t that big of a deal actually). From that point on, I did as my peers did in order not to be singled out and constantly questioned (I was wondered about for more than my shoes). I loosened my speech, did mediocre in class, followed trends and had my parents waste a lot of money on trendy clothes, Vans, and Chuck Taylor shoes.

But… I don’t have a job of my own to keep that up now and there’s a recession going on. To my luck and surprise, they very shoes I’ve scorned have come to my rescue. To be honest, students at the school I attend now (I’m in high school) don’t care what you look like. They give superficial praise when you trend hop, but other than that, I can happily go unnoticed fashion-wise. I can even wear the same jeans every other day and no one cares. The reason why I’m looking for popular styled shoes is that I’m kind of bored with being a plain Jane. I’m not as flamboyant and runway-savvy as my peers, but I just want to spice things up. And look at Airwalk NOW:

Yeah, I know…they are totally copying off of Nike, Vans and Converse. But at $12 to $30 a pop – it’s worth it.

You gotta admit, these are awesome trend wise. And check out this other underground brand, City Sneaks:

Amazing. Payless did a good job by taking these people under their wings. They were pretty lame at first, but I guess they were just late bloomers. Cheap. Comfy. Stylish.

Update Aug. 22, ’09: The STPL shoes are $40 +tax. Yikes. Sorry. But my dad did buy those gray City Sneaks! And @ payless there is a buy one get one half off! Also, I think I might get made fun of, but since I’ve learned to appreciate being cheap – I don’t mind. =]

Update Aug 18, ’11:

I invite you to read on through my blog for a look into other wonderful topics such as ecology and education! If that is not of interest to you, then why feel free to recommend Commitmentarianism to someone you know who will find it of interest.

Thank You 😀


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  1. Airwalks have been better than converse and vans for a while in my opinion. They’re cheap and durable.

  2. Actually, when I was in middle school (late 90’s) air walk was a major brand and ahead of the curve next to vans, as time went by though vans quickly caught up and the retro “off the wall style came back in fashion (in the 90s we wore wide legged pants and the bulky look of air walk complimented them . As wide leg went out airwalk did to. Didn’t see them at all for ten yes till they showed up in Payless. I saw a really nice pair that looked like vans for half the price and wondered if the quality held up

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