Why standardized tests are horrifying.

So what does it mean to standardize?
Thefreedictionary states:

1. To cause to conform to a standard.
2. To evaluate by comparing with a standard.
What is a standard? A standard is pretty much the “status quo.” From dictionary.com’s thesaurus you can spot words such as: normalize, institutionalize, make similar, uniform.
So guess what? The government wants institutionalized citizens – “normies.” That statement may sound rebellious, but I’ve had enough. People are being brainwashed right before their eyes and it’s making me very angry. It seems that more and more the point of education is to mass produce homogeneous minded people, used to the same 1 2. Used to the same two parties in government. Used to the same ways to vote. Used to the same creepy news reports of death and destruction. Day by day people lose value skills. Car repair, house maintenance, sewing, cooking. Day by Day we lose creativity. And nowadays whatever creativity that’s left is turned into a national gimmick – printed on a t-shirt.
I don’t know who started this standardized nonsense, but I can tell you one thing – it finally brings the government’s ideals out if the closet. Democracy on the national scale isn’t about free choice or freewill. It’s about creating the ideals to chose and coaxing everyone onto your band wagon through devices such as these tests and standards. Democracy on the national scale is about silent control. Think about it – it wouldn’t exist nationally unless there is brainwashing. There would be millions of people with their own ideas, actually carrying them out by true freewill. That’s practically every-community-with-like-minded-ideas-for-themselves. I doubt the few in government would want that – there would be no real use for them other than to play dog walker as citizens govern themselves.
The way things are going is ridiculous. Since when is learning about filling in circles on trivia-like concepts? Why does learning have to be about evaluation rather than about experience and trial and error? I’m tired of hearing Principals tout test scores. It’s upsetting the you can only get funding through test scores. It’s biased. What if the school doesn’t have enough materials to get students to study for this crap anyway? And California is the worst when it comes to school in my opinion. The CST (California state test) – more like the BRT to me. The Bragging Rights Test.
We NEED to end government control of schooling. Either that, or they need to quit it with the normalizing. It kills the mind. All these years, I wondered why school drained me more and more as time went on. It’s the testing. The boundaries. Aside from the testing there’s lack of freedom in schools even to the point of an English teacher taking books away from students reading in class! I’ve seen this many times before – personally. If you’re reading literature during a lesson, you get a warning. Next – it’s taken. One time, I was playing with a TI-83 while playing a math game in math class. I was waiting in line for my turn, and the teacher asks what I’m doing. I told her I’m just doing a probability game. She got pretty upset and told me to put it away. I reasoned that it was a math class. She got angry. WHAT?! We should encourage things like that. Freewill and exploration.
There was only one class at school that accidentally followed a free mode of education. My engineering tech. class. We first went through the boring lecture. Then afterward we talked about so many things. How to buy a car. Astronomy. Amateur theoretical physics. Dating and relationships. How to get through an interview. Guitar. I once had a funny debate about how my friend is not allergic to tomatoes but rather that there is merely something IN them that she is allergic to, and that if scientists could isolate that item she would no longer be allergic. And it wasn’t until we were free to discuss our ideas and interests that we actually had fun and engaged in educating ourselves.
Please people, if you ever come across this blog I want you to know that traditional education is not about educating and liberating the mind with choices and creativity. It is about control, standards and monotony that leads to the mass production of ignorant citizens. We need to either resort to alternatives, or reform the traditional system. It’s nice to have some sense of order and responsibility as a nation, but T.E. goes to far.

I’m planning to read some books by Alfie Kohn and John Gatto soon.

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