I’m not sure what I expect from educational institutions anymore. I know what I like to learn and I’m getting the hang of how I learn, but I’m still confused. We have new Holt books at school. They are very large. Students get a big Literature and Language Arts book, then a slightly larger grammar book, an “Interactive reader” booklet (which is really just a repetition of the literature book, with more assignments), and a writing and speech workbook (that’s the latest addition to the Holt English textbook family). I also have an American government textbook. And a heavy Calculus book. I also borrowed a college psychology textbook, paperback,  and it’s the lightest of them all oddly enough. In AP English, I’m also supposed to read a two novels per month. We do journals as we go along and then we are supposed to write a paper at the end.

In American Govt. the teacher doesn’t really talk about how government works as much as he talks about his political views and semi-conspiracy theories. He’s extremely pro- “Indian” and is always trying to sound inspirational, about where he grew up and how the “white folks” try to keep minorities divided. And he talks about how much racism is going on now that we have a Black president, and how the United states is “our land” (referring to “Indians”). Last class there was just discussion about immigration rights and health care and how that “redneck” guy called Obama a liar. I don’t like hearing that stuff.

Is it possible for a “minority” to be racist? Because I heard about how that white police officer was seen as racist because of how he removed that professor out of his home and the “robbery call” blah blah…isn’t it racist to assume that the police officer was being racist just because he’s white? Anyway, I saw the human genographic project, and even before watching that I never enjoyed race talk. So hearing things like, “these white folks,” and us “brown people,” is aggravating to me.

The college teachers haven’t come to school to start the concurrent enrollment class. So that’s why I borrowed the Psych book. I’m the only one in the class that actually likes psychology. I’m the only one reading on my own since the teachers haven’t shown up. Everyone else just talks really loud about their drama or what movie they saw, and the couple in front of my desk likes to molest one another when they think no one can see them.

Then there is calculus which is a great class despite my mathematical deficiencies. The teacher really tries new way of teaching math. And even if we do get off topic, it’s not political based. There were times when we talked about Astronomy, or how to buy a car so as to not get jipped.

Lastly I’m in Spanish II. I tried hard to get French II, but it would not work on my schedule. I…have no comment.

Anyway, I’m really fed up. I mean, I really have no idea what to expect from “places of learning.” I really wished that this year could be a year of some autonomy. I just want to read and draw and work on my basic math skills. I just feel like taking a walk for a few days.

Oh, and although I don’t want to go to college, I have to go. Although some reasons I have for not going are more emotional, most arguments I hear on the pro-college side are weak and don’t help my feelings:

It’ll be fun, and an experience you’ll never have if you don’t go. Sorry, but you can apply that to just about any activity, even something like a key party.

If you take a year off, you’ll never want to go back to school. Even if I’ve deferred enrollment with a college I’m accepted to, the person thinks it won’t work. Why is it that people think that a person can’t learn and explore the world on their own? I can only get an education from a physical building? (I know using a question to refute an argument is sly, but I really want to know).

If you don’t go you’ll always wonder what it would be like if you had gone. That person was trying to argue that it’s better to go, even if I hate the experience, than to not go and feel regret. This was THE worst argument I’ve heard. Yet again, this can be applicable to anything, including if I WENT to college right away. I could just as easily wonder what life would be like if I had decided to do some world-schooling rather than go to college.The following is more of an appeal to emotion, but honestly, I’m SICK of doing things I hate. I’ve never been able to feel any autonomy, just for even a year. I don’t feel in control of my life because I’m always living by other people’s ideals.

You can earn more money as a college graduate. I don’t care about money. I really don’t. I understand that I need that to “survive” in a place like America and other modern countries, but I could care less about it. I leave money lying around, I hate wallets, I love free things and trading items and sharing. Money is a better argument than the others, but it is still flawed. If i graduate with too much debt then it won’t matter how much money I’d make, the debt will still be a major influence on my life. Second, if the area I studied isn’t even hot in the job market, then there is no surplus of money to be gained.

You can get “better” jobs. Let’s take a look at what is meant by “better”. CNBC gave a slideshow of the “10 best jobs in America”:

  1. Mathematician
  2. Actuary: person who helps a business stay in good financial standing
  3. Statistician
  4. Biologist
  5. Software engineer
  6. Computer systems analyst
  7. Historian
  8. Sociologist
  9. Industrial designer
  10. Accountant

Right away you notice that jobs that help us keep nations and businesses financially and industrially sound, are the most valued (with the exception of a some jobs that help us understand human beings). A better job is also defined by salary, and going back to the money argument, it doesn’t make a difference how much money I make if money is the main reason I’m going for the job. Other favorable jobs include work in medicine, law, engineering and education on the college level. Those occupations are great and the modern world needs them but…

My next point is this, what about those who would prefer something else? Like art or dance? Cooking perhaps? Wouldn’t it make more sense for people like that to world-school and get more natural hands on experience at a much cheaper price?

What is world-schooling? It’s a broader version of  “unschooling,” for adults and in the world at large. Well what is unschooling? Unschooling is learning in real time, taking into account that most humans are curious and that curiosity leads them to learn, create and invent on their own. An example of unschooling is this very website. No one told me about alternative education and its branches. I was just curious and over time I have done research and I use this site to express ideals and keep a log of my theories related to the subject.

The bottom line is that youth must go to college, because it has become the thing to do. There are benefits of making friends and growing up and studying what you love after the general ed. But it seems like there’s something else at work here. I suspect that it’s a lot easier to prepare a kid for college than to prepare them for life itself. Rather than go through the trials and tribulations of a young person learning how to live for themselves, just give them the right test and textbooks so that they can go to college. Then the college can college can be the one to make the kid mature. I dislike this process very much.


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  1. Amen. Found you through “Stop Homework.” You’re an incredibly intelligent young person–it shows in your logic and writing. I hope you’ll continue to find ways to explore your own interests. You have a lot to contribute.

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