Previously unreleased: Unlimited rights


I’ve been trying to cool down from the pressures of school. I’m actually getting a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep now. For some reason though, on this first week of summer break, I feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me, and that school will come back to haunt me in the few days. I can’t help feeling that this start up is the last bit of freedom I have. My school district has even decided to start school up early this year, so that scares me even more. What’s going on?

Anywho, I’ve been wondering about what’s really necessary for us to do as humans. Humans aren’t like other creatures in that we have so much diversity and we reason and we create complex rules and structures and we’re subject to change and not do things in the ways typical of our species. What’s the point of our existence though? In the grand scheme of things, we are rather insignificant. As the universe gets bigger and bigger thanks to discovering more of it with time, things really seem minute. Here on earth we are boss, but in the solar system we shrink, and then even more in our galaxy, and even more in our universe. Then there is the multi-verse, where theory has it that a different scenario plays out in each one. So perhaps there is a universe where humans never spawned.

Physicist Michio Kaku said our lifespan is like a click in the fabric of time. And then he snapped his fingers. What does this all mean? Why do we feel we’re so important when there is so much else going on? But anyway, I guess that since we can only live on Earth, the point of a human’s existence is to live do and die. Sounds harsh but it’s true. We are born, we do things that is like a millisecond of the mutliverse’s time, and that’s it. There’s possibility that the energy within our bodies is taken somewhere else, but I can’t elaborate on that – I’m not dead – and near death experience doesn’t count even if  I had one.

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