College is mandatory.

It may just seem like a national fad for jobs now, but eventually, higher education will be forced. Everyone is talking about going to college as one of THE only choices a person has after compulsory K-12 education. This is really annoying, how people are just sitting back and taking all of this. People in the future will be spending just about the first quarter of their lives in schools. How is this good? I mean great, we’ll have more technology to access in schools, but what difference does it make if students don’t care? What happens when students are WAY too extrinsically motivated?

Schools have too heavy of a grip on the lives of EVERYONE. There is too much focus on rewards, responsibility, punishment. What about the inner push to learn?

Since when did education become a business?

An investment?

A global competition?

Something you OWE to the country?

Heh. The last place in the country where pursuing knowledge for knowledge sake was left at that. Ruined.

This sounds like a conspiracy, and this site being a blog doesn’t help my message, but just think about all that you ‘ve been hearing these days about college. Really take it in. Talk to people about what college is all about now. And you’ll see that it’s serious. Just listen to the president. Everyone’s going. Every student in America. That’s horrifying…and wrong.


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