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Are you tired of the quasi-intellectual circus known as the 24 hour news circuit? Have you had it up to your brows with celebrity obsessions and military/political propaganda? How about non-stop death and destruction reports (with the exception of the puppy of the day and cool kids/heroes)? Do you find yourself dozing off to the incessant drone of meaningless debates between strangers trapped in squares?

If you answered yes to any of the above,
watch Current Television

This is a channel that presents meaningful current events! This network actually covers global news that isn’t U.S.-centric (or exposes behind-the-scenes things that really go on here)! You can always come here for thought provoking comedy, interesting movie reviews, and up-to-date information about music, films and art. See it for yourself!

The Rotten Tomatoes Show
Current Music Presents: Embedded
Max & Jason: Still Up

Also check out the groups!

Schedule and cable provider listings
You can also check it out on & as well as their blog! They use the narcissistic “social” networking sites, facebook and twitter, as well for updates and contact, and you can find that on your own.

Special message: It is obvious that dependency to any form of advanced technology is mind numbing, even lethal to mental balance and lifespan. Please if you can, watch these programs and all other associated media in moderation. Potential problems with this network: too many repetitive commercials on their own network and programs, annoying commercials that they don’t change (education connection, because they pretty much just keep them to “pay the bills,” the programs are scheduled late (if you’re the type that goes to sleep according to your biological clock); 10p, 11p, 12p. However, certain cable providers may play them hours ahead. This “media bashing” network encourages as much obsession as many other networks, just in a fun, out-of-the-box way. This network is for late youth and early middle-aged audiences. The target age group (mentally, socially, emotionally, or biologically) is approximately 15 to 40 years of age.




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