Mathematics is a Fascinating Language

I used to hate mathematics, and like many people, I felt that I was doomed to be mentally handicapped in the subject. However, the issue was the way my schools have approached it. Most schools approach math as something separate from everything; something that needs to be worked out and then forgotten about. But math is so much more. As I’ve started to suspect, it really is a language. It’s a language that makes understanding the world around us all the more easy.

I’ve decided to go back to the beginning. From the basics I am learning about the patterns in numbers and what numbers really are. Numbers are like markers that help us navigate and decipher space and time and the motions and the actions we take. it helps us decode objects and items. It is a system of communication that simplifies existence on its most fundamental levels. Right now I’m working at studying and observing basic math operations and the patterns within them. mathematics is about shortcuts and loopholes – and I love loopholes.

Then from there I’ll work back up to algebra and beyond. I still work on calculus one on one with my friend too. Developing that logical intelligence. =)

Sites and resources I’ve been using:

Skills in Arithmetic; from The Math Page
Mathematics Portal; from Wikiversity
Chycho, The Language of Mathematics

And as a bonus of educational opportunities (an ironic one though): I’ve been assigned to write a 3 page minimum paper for my American Government final. The topic is a opinion-based research paper about a topic you feel is of national importance. So of course I’ve chosen to discuss alternative education versus traditional education! Based on all that I’ve written and researched, I’ve had this assignment done months ago! I just need to put it together and cite sources.



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