Education and Learning is an Individual Thing

Some people do need and want structure more than others. There are conventional types who like to adhere only to the rules. There are average and non-creative individuals. Sounds like a criticism, but there are many people out there who do just fine in the compulsory school system and think nothing against it. There are people who grow up in anti-intellectual environments or in situations where pursing knowledge for knowledge sake would not help them to survive. Many people just have other things to do besides actively learn and explore.

The alternatives to the compulsory system already exist, and when I am on my own I will happily contribute to that system. Fighting what is largely in place while I’m all by myself seems pointless though. And I’ve been thinking lately, about how everyone’s different. My idea of learning for the love of learning, and being free form and open in educational systems won’t work for everyone. It only works with a few. I’m only in a few. I was always in a few.

I still love my cause and my beliefs, but maybe being anti-compulsion isn’t the approach I need to take. I should be more pro-progressive. Pr0-holistic. Pro-democratic. And just go to that side and work in that network. If I, and other with a mindset similar to mine, can draw people away from the compulsory system, that would be great, but it shouldn’t be my goal. I need to only point out and defend my views as to the detriment of the way current mainstream education is going, not become consumed by it. Because that is what has been happening.

I need to be the change I wish to see in the world.

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