Spreading the word

I’ve done it. I’ve actually told someone outside of friends and family about alternative education. It’s irrationally frightening, being so used to invalidation that I fear rejection from these people. I told four teachers at my school about it. I also told Sara Bennett from stophomework.com about it as well. Speaking up about things I believe in is very different when I know the person I am saying it to, yet at the same time I don’t know them. I’ve known these teachers for quite some time, but I don’t know them well enough to gauge their reaction or know their views on education. Still, it’s time to get serious and start learning and advocating.


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  1. I’ve also started telling friends about alternative education. They seem surprised that these things exist. I think many of them (including me) are still stuck in the traditional school system not because they don’t fight back but they don’t know that alternative methods exist and there is more than one path to college.

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