NO Extracirricular Activities

My principal has put a ban on extra curricular activities for the remainder of the school year (three weeks). My friend tipped me in about this announcement made at my school yesterday. Clubs can no longer host activities and all planned events are canceled. Is that legal?

Why did it happen? My principal said that this decision was made in light of final testing. She wants our focus to go into preparation for end-year exams. I asked about the reception of this news. My friend said that people groaned, but accepted it and put it out of their minds. No surprise there.

The frightening thing is that this will become a charter school this fall I believe, and it is supposed to then have a foundation of egalitarian principles. With this principal in charge however, I fear that all the students will get are programs selected only by the administration in an attempt to feed egos and build reputation/funding. My younger brother has no other option than to attend this school because the other two schools, while larger and having basic programs like sports and a school band, are basically holding tanks for teens that have been very scrambled by the educational system as well as harsh living environments. The police always hover around the school next to the one I attend, and they even have a quote on their vehicles stating that they, “provide an environment conducive to learning.” More often than not I just see them dealing with harsh and rowdy teen boys. My brother said the only way he’d attend the other schools is if he was “attached to a ball and chain and dropped off at the front doors.”

Is this normal, or to be frank, is all of this happening because I’m a “minority” and living in an area that’s less affluent as say, Palos Verdes? Are schools in more affluent areas, with more access to influential programs, freer?

Simply put I’m shocked that the principal has this power, in addition to “lunch lockdowns” over minor offenses such as leaving a lot of trash in the lunch area. When it becomes a charter there will also be uniforms, something my brother has tried to escape since the first grade. I’ve spoken to my mom about homeschooling, but she cut off all attempts to go this route. She believes that schools are the only place where a shy boy such as my brother can be “socialized.” Additionally she would be overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility necessary to take charge of his education this late in the system.

I don’t understand these pitfalls and why they are so common and readily accepted as normal by people around me. I feel mad even being annoyed by this incident.

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  1. If it does become a charter, that might actually make it easier to get rid of the Principal IF the teachers, parents and students can come together to the Charter’s Board and demand his dismissal. And with Charters, it’s easier to get the media excited about covering it.

    • I doubt that that will happen. After being a public school for I think about six years and dealing with uncomfortable conditions for about 4 years, parents, definitely students, and especially teachers are used to getting what they don’t want to do anything but curse behind closed doors.

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