U.O. Conclusion

I still can’t explain all of why I’m disturbed. My first break away from U.O. was when I went to the goodwill to shop. I found interesting clothes there, but still it was rather bleak and I realize that I am too comfortable with the organization and cleanliness of major stores. I am still attracted to U.O. because of this look cheap/not cheap gag. I’ve taken such a long pause from the U.O. speculation series that I fail to remember what my exact point was.

I don’t like the idea of mass marketing individuality, and that what’s U.O. does. Unlike the other youth stores that have clothes that are all of the same style or logo, U.O. manages to brings a variety of things to their store so that you can walk away looking however you wish – under the context of current trends of course. You can style yourself up in anyway you want, but you’ll still look a certain way. Hipster I guess. They provide colorful fixed gear bikes and make you feel instantly conscious of the environment. Their earth tone bags and indigenous designs make you appear like a cultural conscious naturalist. Their gag gifts and ridiculous books toys and journals make you feel like a party animal. You’re instantly young, fresh, vibrant, witty, artistic and fun if you shop at this store. INSTANTLY.

Shop at U.O. and hang out at beaches and coffee shops, riding your bike the whole way and then you know you own this middle class lifestyle. Don’t forget your Panama hat. U.O. seems to give you freedom, but it still feels like a ruse, a very expensive ruse that business leaders thoroughly enjoy. Is there anything wrong with what they produce? Should I want what they produce to thousands…just to be me? Is there no escaping cliques and trends? I don’t know – maybe that’s just how humans, and especially ones living in civilizations are.


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