The *Right* to be Forced to go to School

Does the right to a formal and compulsory education make any sense at all? Even if you claim you’re doing it in the person’s best interests (assuming you know what that person’s interests and desires are), that doesn’t put the person in any sort of choice in the matter. So what is a right? A dictionary definition of a right is: Conforming with or conformable to justice, law, or morality.


Rights obviously aren’t what I thought they were. I thought a right was a choice, you know, like the right to remain silent before you are put on trial for something (which has to do with the law doesn’t it?).

Here is an unnecessarily long confusing “legal” definition:

In an abstract sense, justice, ethical correctness, or harmony with the rules of law or the principles of morals. In a concrete legal sense, a power, privilege, demand, or claim possessed by a particular person by virtue of law.

So people can only live by the rules of law even if what they would do otherwise is totally harmless to the life and well being of other citizens. By choosing to be self educated in any way not authorized by government regulation then, a person is not acting in accordance to the law. OOOOhhhhh, so that’s why people can be fined or jailed for not sending youth to school. That’s why “unschoolers” have to dive under the ruse of a government authorized homeschooling license in order to allow themselves to grow learn and develop in unhindered ways.

If people simply allowed youth to just grow up and learn from their parents and outer community, from visiting museums and libraries and other places, by choice of desiring such experience, they are being unlawful, and therefore punishment is necessary.

Is this good and fair, especially to young children who have no idea of what they are being put into – no chance to grow and make some sort of decisions on their own? And no, school is the LAST place where you learn to make your own choices. In school everyone BUT YOU matters:

When it comes to time

When it comes to food

When it comes to the people you’re with half the day

When it comes to receiving information and knowledge

There are NO choices.

This same concept is now slowly being applied to college attendance. Oh sure, you don’t HAVE to go to college, but if you don’t you will be deemed incompetent  and rejected by “potential employers.” You will be shunned by all of your closest friends and family for not having obtained the highest honor in the United States – more certification to prove to others that you are worthwhile.

Or this get up for boys: It’s either college or the military! People are so used to a lack of choice and a lack of creativity that they say these sorts of things often. And that’s another thing, why do men HAVE to sign up to kill other people, even if they may not want to? Why do they get in trouble if they don’t? So what, they have the RIGHT to sign up to kill?

Are these “rights” safeguards? Do they really help advance humanity? Oh let’s force everyone to do what we the government wants them to do. That way we increase the chances that they will do it better and the way we want them to, in our own favor, and a bit in their own favor over time. And what’s the favor? The accumulation of money, credit (digital or otherwise), and wealth!!! That’s why we have systems in which the citizens must go through long trials of providing ever-increasing proof that they are worthwhile according to the standards WE set for them! Glorious intangible money dressed up as something actually there to guide our tangible lives by! The global economy! The American dream! And besides, we can’t possibly be acting wrong because they have CHOICES! They could have voted us out if they weren’t pleased! They have inalienable RIGHTS, which really means they have the inalienable opportunity to act in accordance to the ever changing laws that we hold over their lives!

Maybe I’m taking this out of context. Maybe these rights ensure that I really do get happiness. Maybe war is good and necessary to solve our complex problems. Maybe choice doesn’t exist, especially for the youth! By being young, foolish and unaware of life in any way beyond my own, I deserved to have things imposed on me beyond basic necessities. I deserved not to be taken seriously or have a say in my life. Now that I’m an adult I shouldn’t fret because I finally get the choices I was never allowed to make (except  drinking, in which I must be a slightly OLDER adult to have the “right” to participate in). By going to school for twelve years and receiving lessons against my will, things that have no effect on my memory, learning to follow the will of authorities often seen to be incompetent and intolerant of other views, I can flourish into a respectful and accomplished citizen. I am equipped with the tools to provide a comfortable life for myself physically, emotionally, morally and intellectually because of this. And now I am grateful to go to school some more (with a few freedoms now) to improve upon this and contribute to the nation. Gee, I sure do have a lot to learn about the democracy I live in. With all of this inherent undeniable freedom I have clearly missed the points!

I’m not asking for perfection – but is reasonable improvement too much to ask for?


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