I Found a Piano

This is why I wanted a gap year.

I was on my way somewhere when I decided to take a different route to exit my neighborhood. A few blocks in I noticed trucks at a corner as well as a moving pod. On the porch of the house that the trucks surrounded sat an antique parlor piano. I noticed that there were a couple people sitting in the trucks. Are they moving in? I wondered and felt an urge to ask if it was theirs. Don’t be so fearful, I ultimately said in my inner thoughts. I crossed the street and walked up to a woman who was sitting in the truck. “Are you guys moving out or moving in?” I asked a woman.
“Oh, well is that piano yours?”
“Why? You want it?” She was jumping straight to the point and that made me nervous.
“Um, well yeah.”
“Oh okay! You can have it,” she said causally. I couldn’t believe it! She told her husband/brother/somebody about the deal, and he was in agreement too saying that an antique shop was coming to pick it up anyway.

Now the hard part was getting it home. I called my dad to come down in his truck, but it is a closed top, not a flat bed he said when he saw the piano. A man came outside from working on the house and we asked for his help. He owned a flatbed truck sitting right in front of the house. he was hesitant and said to come back in 3 hours. My dad and I knew that by then I would have lost it to someone else. We struggled for another 15 minutes improvising a way to get it the four blocks back to our house when a guy with a white handyman truck pulled up to the corner. My dad stopped him and the man ended up helping us. He was very heavy.

So now in the dining room sits an old piano from London, crafted by George Rodgers & Sons. Some critical pieces are missing and it needs plenty of tuning but otherwise this piano is great. Just the other day I was wondering how much it would cost to at least get an electronic keyboard. Now I have this.

So along with the ongoing struggle to create a non-profit community center, Hyde Park Half, a recently discovered community pool in my neighborhood and well as an abundance of hidden art studios and centers, this piano goes on the list with things that have cropped up just as I am leaving. Then there’s the central downtown library with free lectures. Now that I’ve been taking the bus I could also go down to LACMA (art museum). I even wouldn’t have minded slowing down and going to a junior college while dabbling in all of these new-found opportunities. With a 4 year degree to get in the way for the next 4 to 7 years, I’m only fooling myself and teasing myself with these current things. That piano will sit there, only to be used during a FEW breaks, and at that rate, I’ll never learn.

If I had a gap year I would receive the well needed break I’ve been desiring. A break – what is so wrong with that? I could work on putting my wasting muscles to use and rehabilitation, keep pushing for the community center, get back to the free piano lessons by Andrew Furmanzyk, as well as practice and develop my basic math skills. I’ve already been reading often now that school has ended and there are many books in my personal library that I want to dive into. I need time for fundamental things, rest and recovery.


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