Student Input

Finally, people look to students to see what they think about their education. They only dare to do this it seems, to get assurance about a system they have already gone ahead and established beforehand without student input – “college-bound culture.” Although students were actually asked for their input for once, even the very title of the program just assumes that students are not getting out of this and that the best they will be allowed to do is offer suggestions about systems put up without their control. President Obama wants the highest amount of college graduates, but instead of figuring out why we have to jump we’re all “racing to the top” to ask, “How high?”!

If i were participating this is what I would ask:

  1. What alternative do I have if my interest does not require a college degree?
  2. Why does everyone have to go to college?
  3. Why does the president keep bringing up the whole globe (global economy) when it comes to my individual education?
  4. Does a college degree help  local economies?
  5. Why doesn’t traveling, volunteering or internship work as an after high school option (beyond the reason of affordability)?

We need more of the Why in our lives.


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