The Music of Noise

I like to play around with my “new” piano. I have watched two of Lypur’s videos on piano, and I still have my notes from his music theory videos. I know how to play “Twinkle Twinkle,” and just yesterday I figured out how to adapt that to my acoustic guitar using the “b” string. It was fun testing my knowledge of the notes on the fretboard and actually getting the sound right! I really like to play around with “c” notes, as that’s what Twinkle Twinkle plays in (I believe) and that is the note that Lypur (Andrew Furmanzyk) seems to focus on in these early videos.

Last night, when I was sleepy but unable to sleep I was “playing” the piano. Although I lack detailed knowledge of playing the piano, I have learned to take advantage of “the gaps.” I know where all the “c’s” are, but even if I don’t start with “c,” I make music by pressing keys 2 to 4 keys apart. It sounds really nice and like I know what I’m doing :-). I pair this up with going up and down. So I’d press “c” and “g,” at the same time, then “e,” “d,” “c.” After doing this, I realized that I needed to wash dishes (I always get to my minor chores at night :-(). There were a lot of teacups left over from supper, and in hurrying to get through the chore I clanked a teacup into the sink. The strangest thing happened. I saw an image of the piano keys in my mind. It felt like I had played some keys. I clanked other things around and on different surfaces/objects. Same effect. That is when I remembered a passage from a book called Musicphilia by the title of “Papa blows his nose in G: Absolute Pitch.” Of course I do not have “perfect pitch,” but I gathered that I was recognizing notes from the noise of the dishes.

Other Tidbits About my Piano

I am in love with the “sustain pedal.” On an upright piano like my own, that is the little foot pedal on the right side. It has this delicious nostalgic feeling, and it gives me a sense that things are settled.

I can’t stand the lower notes because the old thing is terribly out of tune on that end.

I don’t know what the left foot pedal does. I currently see no difference in playing if I press on it.

I am reluctant to use my left hand to play.

My keyboard typing has improved. I am feeling more comfortable typing in the standard “asdf” “jkl;” position. I can look away from the keys more often.

I feel a slight encouragement to explore my artistic inclinations, and I feel sad and stupid to be flying across the country to a school in Vermont.

In other events, I have finished a book called “Birdwing,” in which a boy enchanted to have a human body with a swan wing, learns to accept his differences from major society and follows his intuitions. At first he hated his wing and wanted to be normal, but once he listened to the wing’s calling and took up his adventure on the spur, the events led him to realize who he is and what his purpose is in life. The author notes that we all have this wing, this thing that makes us odd that we try to hide or cut off, as the boy wanted to do early on. It’s the positive version of the “fatal flaw” in the Percy Jackson series.

Will I listen to my wing?

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