I Need to Get to Portland

Portland, from what I’ve studied, is “Where it’s at.”

Village Home (Beaverton)

Unschooling Adventures

Not Back to School Camp

The Village Free School

Trillium Charter School

Small but vibrant art community

Atheist Meetup Groups

Intentional Communities

Food Not Bombs (also in California, I know. I ate with Claremont Food Not Bombs reps today at Venice Beach)

Accessible hiking and nature opportunities right inside and outside of the city (and then through most of the state). There’s like a moderate scar of metropolitan life and the rest is really open.

Prominent Bicycle Community & advocation for cyclist rights.

Less heat

Los Angeles has a brilliant art community and some Atheist meet up groups as well. There is a Unitarian Church in South bay (Unitarian churches are practically non denominational and even atheists attend. It’s a place where discourse and understanding rather than mere disagreement, can occur). But I just tire of this place, and would feel like I’m sentencing myself if I stayed here for the rest of my life. If I don’t make the jump to explore now, I’ll risk getting stuck. I already am stuck. And from the LA county I live in, everything is out of reach – there is NO major bookstore (Portland has it’s own huge non chain bookstore, Powell’s Books), and the libraries are bland. This place is ideologically rigid. No eco village, zero tolerance policy on collectives, and they complain about everything. Although I know a few non believers, I’m sure I’m one of like 3 atheists living here. This place is oppressive and boring. Portland is not a utopia, but it can be close if i make an effort to see what it’s about and join communities that connect to my three goals: Autonomy, Identity, and a Sense of Purpose.


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