How to be Popular on Youtube…

…if you have an intellectual message or goal…if you want to spread your ideas and engage in discourse. If you want to just have people watch you, then just be senseless, have cool effects and get in front of a camera, like FRED. Anyway…

  1. Simply talking about your ideas won’t work. If you do that, you will NOT get over the hundreds cap. You can’t just sit there and say, “This is what I think.” You need to ACT. Be an actor or actress (or both for more viewer interest). Or at the least, be a reporter – you need to pitch, not just talk.
  2. ARTICULATE. Please speak clearly. Yammering on, staring up at the ceiling and losing your points will bore viewers. Keep your pace vocally. Long pauses decrease attention. If you feature written word, triple check your spelling because there are no 2nd chances to make corrections.
  3. A consistent backdrop, or video room. Even if you change it every view months or days or whatever – HAVE ONE. It makes viewers feel that you’re going to give them something, and they’ll be ready for it. It also encourages viewers to think you’re original, creative, and witty. One of the greatest ways to do this is to have a collage or art piece of your own. A bookcase or any interesting or clean room/background will also suffice.
  4. An opening theme. Original. Witty. Comical/witty. It gets viewers geared up in the same ways that 1 and 3 does. They expect to be entertained as well as informed ideologically.
  5. Have Changed-Channel recording or know how to digress into different but somehow related (or unrelated) topics. Think of Robot Chicken. It works because it has that novel and fresh feel. You see one sketch and then it turns (scheeerch) over to another. If Robot chicken was just one consistently streaming claymation – it would fail as a popular animation. I just know this. I know that on youtube, this is done to edit out mistakes, but I’ve seen the ones that continuously stream and they sort of drag on, mistakes and all.
  6. Have at least 3 different topics to discuss. BE DIVERSE…unless you are a movie reviewer, because the diversity is already supplied for you. If you go for a specific thing, you really need to take numbers 1-3 heavily into account and make sure you are on point in all of your deliveries.
  7. Debate or engage in discourse with other Youtubers. If you want a lot of people to know what you have to say and why your ideas are worth considering, you need to debate sometimes (not always) and put these ideas to the test. Having a conversation also excites readers to feel that you are part of the community and that you are open minded and reachable.
  8. RANT. Just rant and get heated about your topic. Viewers love rants. Be warned, when you rant, don’t just curse and be vexed alone. Keep to your topic and be coherent.
  9. “Invite” other people onto your show, because that’s what it is, a show. Every now and then have someone on. It gets you to connect with the audience, because on Youtube, you need to talk, but also show that you are real. Viewers expect this connection because they know that they too could have videos, and they have the ability to talk to you directly and give feedback directly, unlike with television.
  10. In flow with 8, have days where you just show normal things. Go for a walk, show your pets, talk about your favorite music.
  11. Musical videos are also good for delivering your voice for ideas.
  12. Discuss relevant issues that you feel are important. It seems silly to include this, but if you’re just talking about something only going on in your town that doesn’t apply to others, or your own personal history and your views on that, then no one will care. Make a side channel or playlist for that sort of thing.
  13. Go documentary style (this isn’t necessary, but if you can pull it off then do it).
  14. An HD (or equivalent) camera is also important. People don’t take fuzzy video seriously, our technology is too crisp. Clean it up as best as possible.

These are the traits of intelligent people that peak into the thousands with viewers and subscribers. Here are a few examples:


Underground Wellness

Ryan Is Hungry

The Amazing Atheist

Onision Speaks


Melody Sheep

I could be wrong! 😯

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