We’re All Bananas

We’re ALL [Like] Bananas

Ambiguous titles FTW!
From small beginnings…

…through rough and awkward stages…

…we eventually mature.

We are easily bruised.

And none of us are the same.

A banana isn’t a banana until you’ve harvested it’s contents. It isn’t until a banana is eaten that one can determine if it was good or not. Does it taste good? Were the bites firm? A person isn’t worth much until they show what’s good about them. Are you smart? Athletic? Maybe you a good writer, or leader, or computer programmer, or swimmer. What’s going on in that body and head of yours? Bring it out or else you’re a zero! Some bananas, especially if they are in their “green stages,” are hard to peel back. If you eat a banana at this time, it will be rough and gritty. Others go easily and I have noticed that the older the banana, the easier it is to peel it – although the taste degrades with age. Youth are naturally resistant and rough (unless they have been brought up with enough fear and put into submission at an earlier age). It’s hard to get something out of youth, and when you do, it is unfortunately brute force or radicalism with nothing behind it. Youth activists are the exception, not the rule (perhaps due to ageism, but that’s for another day). It’s easier to get to older people socially and politically, because they’ve been broken in in various ways (compulsory schooling and other authoritative relationships being the biggest way). Although they are more intellectually competent, the youthful activism has long since dissipated and all you’re left with is the wise sage or philosopher get up or worse – the adult who quotes “It’s hard dealing with these things, but I’ve come to understand that that’s the way life is.”

Either way, when it comes down to us bananas people, you either open up and realize the contents of your mind and character, or you remain closed up, thus making those potential gifts and qualities rot away. A false dichotomy? Sure. More often than not, a person will be at various stages of realization and it changes depending on their situation or stage in life. It’s also possible to gain awareness and have it go nowhere, as in my case. I’m talented in visual art, and writing – but I have no formal skills, and due to lack of motivation (and resources at the moment) and many other factors, these skills grow rusty by the day. I am getting better at critical thought and reasoning though!

Wearing the most oppressive outfits ever, these two were a beacon of light in the childhoods of millions (mine included). Weird.

There are many things you can do with bananas. You can eat them “raw,” fry them, bake them, turn them into chips, bake them into cakes or cupcakes, make soup out of them, microwave them (they are so sweet that way – well at least plantains), etc. You can play catch with them, smash them, use them erotically, make erotic jokes about them, mock them with suits and costumes, name slugs after them, have an anthropomorphizing television show about them, etc. The possibilities are endless.

And what about you? What will YOU do? What will YOU aspire to actualize? The possibilities for humans are hypothetically endless. They are obviously endless. Hey, even WE can be eaten! YUM!

And yes, in order to get through this post I had to replay a segment of Gwen Stefani’s “Holla Back Girl,” over and over again in my head. “It’s bananas! b-a-n-a-n-a-s!”


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  1. Pascale Scheurer

    Hello from London

    I like your blog, hope you keep it up


  2. Thanks from California. 🙂

  3. just as the expression goes…. ‘goin bananas!


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