Teach Me How to Fail

Just as knowing how to fall is important in sports, I realize that knowing how to fail is more important. All the problems I have, including my fear of failure, stem from not knowing how to fail. It’s easy to just fail. Set up or plan something, then don’t complete it, or complete it wrong. Congratulations, you’ve just failed. But how do you handle that the failure, or even the criticism that may accompany it? I tend to choke it down, or sleep on it, or mood-swing it out of my system. I never think, or ask for an analysis. I just get hurt and try to forget it.

So when I say “teach me how to fail,” I mean, “teach me how to deal with failure, and learn from it.” I honestly don’t know how to do that, with so many things from my past jamming my head up all the time. I’ve spent so much time pushing away my failure that it is backing me up and weighing me down.

In immediate response to “Ghost of an Artist.”


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