Free to be you and free to be me? At school?

In regular schools, freedom is abnormal for the most part.

  1. You are told what to do for much of the school day. It may not be in a tyrannical fashion, but you still have little to no control over the activities you can engage in.
  2. You may be forced to wear uniforms.
  3. You cannot relieve yourself as the urge arises.
  4. You have no say in the rules that affect you at school.
  5. You cannot assess or evaluate your teachers or your situation. All inspections and decisions come from those above you.
  6. You are under specific guidelines on what, when, where, and how to learn.
  7. You cannot do projects you favor over those mandated by your teachers.
  8. You are told when to work alone, and when to work with others. You are told who to work with when you are doing group work.
  9. You are encouraged toward sameness. Even how triplets were all doing the same thing, including standing out, in the same way at the same time, hints at that aspect.
  10. If you don’t follow procedures, you run the risk of receiving detention, or having your “free time” (lunch play, recess) taken away or cut down. Apparently, these breaks are merely privileges.
  11. If you refuse to go to school (or school online, get homeschooling certification, etc.), your parents will be fined. At outstanding lengths of refusal, your parents can be jailed.
  12. You receive fines for being late.
  13. Many activities, such as pep rallies, are mandatory.
  14. After compulsory school is college, the military, trade school, or average work. Any other paths are seen as radical and aberrant.

Just look at the video, and think about what school is really like. Is that free?


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