I just came back from a walk with my brother. We found chalk along the way and stopped at the brick gate of a large house. We wrote on the bricks, and as I was trying to decipher a word my brother wrote, and large woman came out of the house. She yelled out, “I know you are not writing on my wall,” twice. I told her it was just chalk. She started down the long walkway, and my brother asked if we should run. I stuck around and waited for her to arrive. She asked where we lived and I lied that we live in the adjacent neighborhood. “So you come around here where you don’t even live, and write on my shit.” “It’s just chalk, sorry,” I said. “But this is my property that I paid for. Let this be a warning. Tell all your little friends not to come around here again. Because the next time you do, I’m gonna start shootin.’ I’m gonna be honest with you.” Shooting. We walked away. “Next time if I get you on tape, I’m going to report you to the police.”

She said she would shoot us – for writing words on a wall. Maybe she thought we were from a gang. Maybe she thought we would attract dangerous elements to her home. She’s just one person, but she puts it into perspective how impossible an Eco Punk society is.

*Update 08.08.11

I realize that what we did comes under violation of consent as written in my Accountability and Consent post. I wouldn’t want anyone writing on my home either. But if they asked first (and no one would ever ask first) I might consider it. I wouldn’t mind having street art on my house (if I ever think to buy one – not likely). But this woman and millions of other citizens are different, and that’s fine. Just don’t go mad and threaten to shoot children (most people think I’m 16).


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