DE in real life

Before I continue this series I must say that a widespread version of this lifestyle well not be adapted. Capitalism is highly unsustainable, environmentally, socially, and emotionally, but it provides us with pacifying comforts we have grown to love. I took the bus to a concert yesterday. The ride was not great (mostly because Los Angeles’s public transportation system is awful). Walking to the concert grounds, I saw people living in tents on the sidewalk. One man quietly slept on an air mattress in his tent. His luggage with all of his belongings was beside him. Some other people were having a conversation in theirs. They were much more comfortable than the more open homeless people nearby, but that’s because they bought a ready made tent from a store.

I write about EP because I do not find the capitalist system fulfilling. I wish that I did not hold such unpopular opinion, because with capitalism I have this computer and the house my dad pays for, and everything I buy. But in light of the characteristics I have learned about this system, I feeel that I better learn to live without money as best as possible. Governments can go bankrupt. The standard of living, although it makes life relatively comfortable, is expected to grow forever. Prices are expected to rise forever. A person can buy one technology and before the year is out, there are 5 new things on the market for you to buy and make your life “easier.” It seems like there’s never an end in sight with this system, which makes sense I suppose, because humans are wired to do and improve more and more. Don’t get me wrong. Technology is great, and inventions like the Internet have greatly improved my knowledge. However, I don’t like the overindulgence and overabundance, and the rapid upgrades.

I hate feeling this way, being against capitalism. It’s the only system we have. It’s the only one that has been able to thrive in civilization. It rules everything and gives everything, right? I should be grateful, I should be happy. Especially as a citizen of the United States, the most powerful and capitalist country on the planet. The rising superpower, China, is also extremely capitalist. Something has to be working in these systems. Every developing country wants to be a capitalist one. But I don’t feel happy. I don’t feel proud. I don’t want more and more money and goods. I just want happiness. I want to live with what I have and be in a community of other people who care about people more than things.


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