For a Free World

The open source movement is an eye opener to the ways in which products can be shared for free. It began with free software and operating systems, but has come to be an umbrella for much more – free learning, community making, and goods as well as services. The monetary system is alienating and creates a lot of drudgery. Open source and relying less on money is important. As Marcin Jakubowski, “TED Fellow and Founder of Open Source Ecology” said, “It’s definitely about reinventing culture, from the consumer culture to a culture of makers, where people are actually the producers…as opposed to being dependent on whatever you buy at the store.”

Money, as far as I can tell, will always be around. We could at best have a low cost, low stress system. Networks like these can make the use of money bearable, and hopefully something we don’t need to rely on as much.


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