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Why Myspace is always relevant

For people verse in the world of social media, Facebook is the number one choice for staying in touch and networking. MySpace used to be the main social media hub. I clearly remember using it through my middle school and high school years in the early 00’s. But there came a point where the platform just felt childish. The top 8’s and top 16’s set a bad precedent of superficial favoritism. The layout customization led to a slew of trashy or blinding pages as everyone clamoured to prove how unique and cool they were. And broadcasting your mood with emoticons is just plain silly. Facebook on the other hand keeps the focus on seeing what other’s are doing, keeping track of actual news as well, events and more. When Facebook decided to allow people to personalize their pages, they came up with the cover photo. It’s large, and it’s the first thing you see on someone’s page, but it doesn’t overload visitors in the attention-whoring way that layouts do. It almost seems reasonable to say, “Myspace is totally irrelevant.” But it will always matter, I think, because of its music.
Before the advent or popularity of things like spotify and grooveshark, MySpace was an extremely reliable way to keep up to date with your favorite artists for free. Likewise, it was one of the first major sites that gave people an opportunity to explore other music scenes and artists from all over the map. I remember that much of my early music taste was formed through searching around for artists and songs on myspace, or taking a look at the playlists of other users. Many small time artists were also given a big push from publishing music on the site. So even though I cringe at all of the cruddy layout codes I used and all of the other petty and exessive aspects of myspace, I will always remember that it had a really large impact on music on the Internet.